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Killer Toon review (더 웹툰 : 예고살인)

Lee Si Young as Ji Yoon in Killer Toon.

Lee Si Young as Ji Yoon in Killer Toon.

I love a good horror film and Korea has made some great horror films in the past .The Whispering Corridor series (여고괴담 1998-2009), Muoi (므이 2007), Bunshinsaba (분신사바2004) and A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련 2003) but to name a few. Much of my hope for Killer Toon (더 웹툰 : 예고살인) lay in director KIM Yong Kyun’s (김용균) ability to shoot gore and dark scenarios as he’s proved with his horror film The Red Shoes (분홍신) and even with the period film The Sword With No Name (불꽃처럼 나비처럼). Both films had their problems but at the very least both films had great visuals.

LEE Si Young and

LEE Si Young and UHM Ki Joon star in Killer Toon

“Killer Toon” tells the story of detective Gi-cheol (UHM Ki Joon) who investigates a series of gruesome murders that mimic a webtoon making the author Ji Yoon (LEE Si Young) a number one suspect.

After my first year of studying film, my head was full of information. I couldn’t watch a film without analyzing it, finding reasons for shots, colors, transitions, sounds, everything. Then I realized I couldn’t enjoy a film. I resolved to put an end to it. I decided that it was far too easy to see the bad in a film and the only way to defeat my analytical demon was to look at the good in a film. And that’s what I do now. I enjoy films and when I review, I’m looking at the strength of a film, because to be honest, the majority of films are in the category of “Yeah it was a good film. Not terrible but not great. Just … good”. So now when I see a film and my mind wanders into the dark side of my film mind, where all I can see are the mistakes, I know it’s a crap film.

“Killer Toon” is an unfortunate paint by numbers lacklustre effort.

People say that the proof is in the pudding and unfortunately the only proof this pudding has, is the evidence of a lack of time, energy and money.

With too many “tells” the scares are half what they should be and cliché horror film moment follows cliché horror film moment endlessly. It’s a horror film fan’s worst nightmare.

The actors are not stretched in any way and are limited to about three facial expressions each, which belittles their abilities. The effects are not that great and the limited space in few locations gives away a low budget. Couples will see this film hoping for a bit of a scare but that’s as far as it will get.

My father always said “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.” So let me say this. The one good thing about the film is that the animation sequences are wonderful with great use of black and red and 3D scrolling.

anime in Killer Toon

“Killer Toon” is directed by KIM Yong Kyoon (김용균) and stars LEE Si Young 이시영, UHM Ki Joon 엄기준, Hyun Woo 현우, MOON Ga Young 문가영 and KWON Hae Hyo 권해효.

“Killer Toon” gets a generous 1 out of 5 ROKs {sigh}.

Korean ROK2 BP


English subtitled trailer below:

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